In addition to the charming pagodas, breathtaking landscapes of Yangon city will truly fascinate your senses in your city sightseeing tour. At night, it is a joyful time to indulge in the Yangon nightlife, enjoy the beauty of the night.​

2. Mandalay – The City of Cultural & Heritage​

Mandalay is the second-largest town in Myanmar, a pilgrimage site, and a famous tourist destination all rolled into one! Modern Mandalay does well to balance all those elegant pagodas and carved stupas with a real bout of Burmese pandemonium. You would be amazed by the true beauty of Mandalay when you leave the bustling downtown to visit the architectural wonders.  If you are looking for accommodation in Mandalay, we recommend Mandalay Lodge Hotel.

The mighty Shwenandaw Monastery, it’s easy to see why this mysterious temple-topped town in the depths of central Myanmar has inspired poems and lines.

The traditional teak U Bein Bridge is one of the most photographed sights in Myanmar and is more than worthy of the accolade.

3. Putao

Putao has been seen as the gateway to climb the mountain ranges of Himalayas for a long time. The experience of exploring forests, mountains, river rafting, and then enjoy a delicious cocktail after a long day is the best thing for you to enjoy here. If you are adventurous, Putao is an ideal choice for you to fall in line.

4. Watch the sunrise over the Bagan temple plain

Bagan is one of the main tourist attractions in Myanmar. It is undoubtedly the greatest archaeological site on earth that you should never miss to visit in Myanmar tourism. This native land unleashes fair chances for you to freely explore Bagan art and architecture. Bagan sunrises are truly breathtaking and, watching the sun light up the Bagan temple plain, is an iconic Myanmar moment.

5. Inle Lake – The Breathtaking Lake for Myanmar Tourism

Inle Lake is the place best known by the fishermen with unique fishing methods, just rowing with one leg among the most popular tourist destinations in Myanmar. Getting to Inle, you will experience the sensation of floating houses, an ideal place for you to sink in deeper into this wondrous beauty.

First time travelling to Myanmar? Add

These 5 Destinations to Your Must-Visit List. 

Myanmar is a Southeast Asian country which conceals cultural beauties of unusual excellence. Myanmar remains as one of South East Asia’s hidden gems. Myanmar has slowly but surely been coming into the tourist fold in the last couple of decades. There are myriads of captivating attractions for visitors from all over the world to discover. If you are wondering about what are the most beautiful places to visit, here are our 5 best places to visit in Myanmar!


1. Yangon – The Liveliest City for Myanmar Tourism


The former capital, Yangon, found glory in days of British rule, and becoming a patchwork of elegant Victorian townhouses and Georgian builds.


The real piece and what typically magnetize travelers to this Burmese capital has to be Shwedagon Pagoda. Visiting Shwedagon Pagoda at any time of the day is a real treat but there’s something special about the quiet calm of visiting after dark.






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