If you prefer to give the woodcraft and handicraft presents, you should head to the shops that sell beautiful sculptures. For the cooking lover, don’t miss the markets that sell vegetables, fruits, and fish products like pounded fish and dried fish. The most famous markets are Kai Tan Market, Man Thiri Market, Mingalar Market, Nan-She Market, Thiri Mandalar Market, Yadanarbon Market, and Zegyo Market.


Precious stones and jewelry items are available for purchase among the most outstanding and interesting products. But you should be aware of buying precious or jewels if the shop owners cannot give the certificates of verification and always remember to bargain if you desire to get a good price.

If you want a great opportunity to experience the lively gemstone scene, come to Jade Market in Mandalay. You will observe the selling, buying activities and carving stones inside hundreds of the small shops.

5 Stunning Souvenirs to Buy in Mandalay

JEWELRY: Many iconic, colorful, beautiful jewels are available for sales in Mandalay as well as in Inle Lake, Yangon, and Bagan. These jewels are usually made of silver, pearl, and metal pieces and sold at the affordable prices. It will be a great idea by giving several sets of jewels for your girls to enjoy their big smiles while receiving the gifts.

LONGYI: Longyi is worn by both Burmese men and women as a traditional costume in Myanmar. It has the gorgeous colorful patterns. Usually Myanmar men prefer the dark-colored longyi while women prefer the bright colored one and wear the most beautiful one for their special occasions. It will be perfect if the traditional handmade bags and scarves are added.

SAND PAINTING: Another best souvenir is the local iconic sand painting. Around the thousands of awe-inspiring pagodas and temples, you will see some booths selling the special sand arts with the meaningful drawings of scenery and culture of Myanmar.

PUPPET: Since many centuries, puppets have been used to perform in Myanmar. In some places, you can see the puppetry performances with the patterns of the prince, princess, king, queen, monkey, elephant, tiger, horses, etc. Definitely, puppets are the best and marvelous souvenirs to buy and bring home

BUDDHA IMAGE: As a Buddhism country, you will see a lot of Buddha images at the local souvenir shops. In the golden land of Buddhism, all the local Buddha statues convince you of their meticulous and religious values as they are so competent and sophisticated.

Looking for a hotel near popular tourist attractions in Mandalay? Mandalay Lodge Hotel will be your best choice. Located at the city center of Mandalay, this boutique hotel is 15-minute drive from most of the markets and shopping malls. For your transportation within the city, feel free to ask the front desk arrange for you.

5 Stunning Souvenirs You Should Buy in Mandalay

After you satisfy the visiting all beautiful places in Mandalay, remember to buy stunning souvenirs for your family, friends, and lover to give excellent presents. There are countless stores and shops in local markets that sell many souvenirs.


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