Mohinga can’t be left out when mentioning street food in Myanmar. It is a rice noodle and eat together with a soup made of freshwater fish and shrimp paste. You can have Mohinga in all other parts of Myanmar, but Mandalay Mohinga has its unique taste with thick fish paste.



Mont Di is another Myanmar cuisine that people love and enjoy regularly as their breakfast. Mandalay Mont Di is made with fresh thin or thick rice noodles, meat or chicken curry, onion and then served with red chili paste.




Another common street food is Myee Shay, a kind of Shan ethnic noodle dish. Noodle has a combination taste of sweet, sour and served with the toss of peanuts, fresh cilantro, onion and preserved vegetables. It’s available everywhere, at all hours of the day.



This gooey looking dish is another popular dish of Shan cuisine. They are made from Burmese tofu. It is served warm with noodles, savory sauce and minced meat.


Pork stick is one of the most loved street foods in Myanmar. Pork is cooked with soy sauce and served in different trays of pork stick with hot vegetable soup. To your surprise, the pork sticks are not just meat, they come from many internal organs of the pig such as lung, heart, intestine, liver, and tongue.




Kyay Oh is one of the best Mandalay foods that you should eat during your Mandalay tour. It is served with vermicelli, minced meat balls and the broth. Normally the broth is cooked with pork or chicken bone by simmering for 3-4 hours. There is also a dry version of Kyay Oh which is served without broth (but comes with extra soup) but with tasteful crispy garlic and sesame oil.



Bow See is the fluffy and soft steamed buns which is always warm and fresh. It actually looks like Chinese xiao long bao and stuffed with tasty minced meat and vegetables. There are other bow see with different unique flavors as well.



Tea leaf and tea salad from Mandalay is very famous in Myanmar. Especially tea salad is Myanmar cuisine that you shouldn’t miss when you are in Mandalay.



It is one of the most appetizing and demanded foods in Mandalay. It is made from the fresh fish by steaming with lime and garlic sauce. Then, it is served with their special chili dip. The combination of smoky, soft and tender fish with tangy, sour and little spicy sauce will surely bring you delight.



It may sound strange but fried cricket is quite popular among local people. The crickets are fried with mixed spices for unforgettable flavor. However, it’s available only in winter and rainy seasons.

10 Mouth-Watering Street Foods Every Foodie Must Try in Mandalay​

No matter where the places you are travelling, it is incomplete without enjoying the street food of the local places. In this article, we will highlight the 10 mouth-watering street foods you should try while visiting Mandalay.




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